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1. Центровой – The center, also known as the five or the big man, is one of the five positions in a regular basketball game. The center is normally the tallest player on the team, and often has a deal of strength. The tallest player to ever be drafted in the NBA was the 78 Yasutaka Okayama from Japan, the tallest players to ever play in the NBA, at 77, are centers Gheorghe Mureșan and Manute Bol. Standing at 72, Margo Dydek is the tallest player to have played in the WNBA. The center is considered a component for a successful team. But recently, the NBA has turned into a point guard league, great centers have been the foundation for most of the dynasties in both the NBA and NCAA. In the 1960s, Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain further transformed basketball by combining height with a level of athleticism than previous centers. Following the retirement of George Mikan, the rivalry of the two big men came to dominate the NBA, many of the records set by these two players have endured today. Most notably, Chamberlain and Russell hold the top eighteen season averages for rebounds, Bill Russell led the University of San Francisco to two consecutive NCAA Championships. He joined the Boston Celtics and helped make them one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history, Russell revolutionized defensive strategy with his shot-blocking, rebounding and physical man-to-man defense. His principal rival, Wilt Chamberlain, listed at 71,275 pounds, Chamberlain played college ball for the Kansas Jayhawks, leading them to the 1957 title game against the North Carolina Tar Heels. Although the Jayhawks lost by one point in overtime, Chamberlain was named the tournaments Most Outstanding Player. He also won seven scoring titles, eleven rebounding titles, and four regular season Most Valuable Player awards, including the distinction, in 1960, stronger than any player of his era, he was usually capable of scoring and rebounding at will. Most notably, Chamberlain is the player in NBA history to average more than 50 points in a season. He also holds the NBAs all-time records for rebounding average, rebounds in a single game, in contrast to the Celtics dynasty of the 1960s, the 1970s were a decade of parity in the NBA, with eight different champions and no back-to-back winners. At the college level, the UCLA Bruins, under Coach John Wooden, built the greatest dynasty in NCAA basketball history, UCLA had already won two consecutive titles in 1964 and 1965 with teams that pressed and emphasized guard play. After not winning in 1966, Woodens teams changed their style when Lew Alcindor became eligible and he led UCLA to three championships-in 1967,68 and 69-while winning the first Naismith College Player of the Year Award. During his college career, the NCAA enacted a ban on dunking primarily because of Alcindors dominant use of the shot

2. Россия – Russia, also officially the Russian Federation, is a country in Eurasia. The European western part of the country is more populated and urbanised than the eastern. Russias capital Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world, other urban centers include Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod. Extending across the entirety of Northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe, Russia spans eleven time zones and incorporates a range of environments. It shares maritime borders with Japan by the Sea of Okhotsk, the East Slavs emerged as a recognizable group in Europe between the 3rd and 8th centuries AD. Founded and ruled by a Varangian warrior elite and their descendants, in 988 it adopted Orthodox Christianity from the Byzantine Empire, beginning the synthesis of Byzantine and Slavic cultures that defined Russian culture for the next millennium. Rus ultimately disintegrated into a number of states, most of the Rus lands were overrun by the Mongol invasion. The Soviet Union played a role in the Allied victory in World War II. The Soviet era saw some of the most significant technological achievements of the 20th century, including the worlds first human-made satellite and the launching of the first humans in space. By the end of 1990, the Soviet Union had the second largest economy, largest standing military in the world. It is governed as a federal semi-presidential republic, the Russian economy ranks as the twelfth largest by nominal GDP and sixth largest by purchasing power parity in 2015. Russias extensive mineral and energy resources are the largest such reserves in the world, making it one of the producers of oil. The country is one of the five recognized nuclear weapons states and possesses the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, Russia is a great power as well as a regional power and has been characterised as a potential superpower. The name Russia is derived from Rus, a state populated mostly by the East Slavs. However, this name became more prominent in the later history, and the country typically was called by its inhabitants Русская Земля. In order to distinguish this state from other states derived from it, it is denoted as Kievan Rus by modern historiography, an old Latin version of the name Rus was Ruthenia, mostly applied to the western and southern regions of Rus that were adjacent to Catholic Europe. The current name of the country, Россия, comes from the Byzantine Greek designation of the Kievan Rus, the standard way to refer to citizens of Russia is Russians in English and rossiyane in Russian. There are two Russian words which are translated into English as Russians

3. Рязань – Ryazan is a city and the administrative center of Ryazan Oblast, Russia, located on the Oka River 196 kilometers southeast of Moscow. It is argued that the Ryazan kremlin was founded in 800, by Slavic settlers, initially it was built of wood, gradually replaced by masonry. The oldest preserved part of the dates back to the 12th century. However, the first written mention of the city, under the name of Pereslavl, at that time, the city was part of the independent Principality of Ryazan, which had existed since 1078 and which was centered on the old city of Ryazan. The first ruler of Ryazan was supposedly Yaroslav Sviatoslavich, Prince of Ryazan, by the end of the 12th century, the capital of Duchy was burnt several times by the armies of Suzdal. Ryazan was the first Russian city to be sacked by the Mongol horde of Batu Khan, on December 21,1237, it was thoroughly devastated and never fully recovered. As result of the sack, the seat of the principality was moved about 55 kilometers to the town of Pereslavl-Ryazansky, the site of the old capital now carries the name of Staraya Ryazan, close to Spassk-Ryazansky. Late in the 13th century, the Princes of Ryazan moved their capital to Pereslavl, the principality was finally incorporated into that of Moscow in 1521. Immediately after World War II, rapid development of the city began, Ryazan became a major industrial, scientific, and military center of the European part of Russia. Massive factories were constructed in the city, occupying the urban areas. Leading areas of industry are heavy and non-ferrous metallurgy, oil refining and machine-tool industry, mechanical engineering, more than half of the plants produce for export. Several positioned MANPADS protect the urban sky, besides the Airborne School, Ryazan hosts the Automobile School and Institute of Communications, a regiment of railway troops, airbase strategic bombers, and a training center in Diaghilev. Ryazan developed particularly rapidly while Nadezhda Nikolaevna Chumakova served as Chair of the Council of Peoples Deputies of Ryazan and Ryazan mayor, under Chumakova, the citys population increased more than seven times, from 72 to 520 thousand people. Chumakova oversaw the construction of social and cultural amenities, more than 20 urban areas, landscaping became a fundamental strategy for the development of the city at that time. Ryazan repeatedly won recognition among the cities of the Soviet Union for its landscaping, during her 26 years in office, Nadezhda Chumakova often accepted awards of the Red Banner of the USSR on behalf of Ryazan. In September 1999, Ryazan became one of the involved in the Russian apartment bombings episode. In the Political system of Ryazan, the legislature, a city council is the Ryazan City Duma, kind of the lower house of the municipality - Youth Parliament, preparing draft legislative initiatives. Executive power in the city of Ryazan carried by the administration headed by the city manager, control over the activities of the authorities is administered by the Public Chamber of the city of Ryazan, work with youth involved in the headquarters of youth activists

4. Летние Олимпийские игры – The Summer Olympic Games or the Games of the Olympiad, first held in 1896, is an international multi-sport event that is hosted by a different city every four years. The most recent Olympics were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the International Olympic Committee organizes the games and oversees the host citys preparations. In each Olympic event, gold medals are awarded for first place, silver medals are awarded for second place, and bronze medals are awarded for third, the Winter Olympic Games were created due to the success of the Summer Olympics. The Olympics have increased in scope from a 42-event competition with fewer than 250 male competitors from 14 nations in 1896 to 302 events with 10,768 competitors from 204 nations in 2012, eighteen countries have hosted the Summer Olympics. The United States has hosted four Summer Olympics, more than any other nation, four cities have hosted two Summer Olympics, Athens, Paris, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Tokyo is the first city outside of the Western world to host the Summer Olympics multiple times, asia has hosted the Summer Olympics four times in Japan, South Korea, and China. The only Summer Olympics held in the Southern Hemisphere have been in Australia, the 2016 Games are the first Summer Olympics to be held in South America and the first to be held during the local winter season. Africa has yet to host a Summer Olympics, only five countries—Greece, Australia, France, Great Britain, and Switzerland—have been represented at every Summer Olympic Games. The only country to have won at least one medal at every Summer Olympic Games is Great Britain. The United States leads the medal table. Qualification rules for each of the Olympic sports are set by the International Sports Federations that governs that sports international competition, for individual sports, competitors typically qualify through attaining a certain place in a major international event or on the IFs ranking list. There is a rule that maximum three individual athletes may represent each nation per competition. Nations most often qualify teams for team sports through continental qualifying tournaments, each nation may be represented by no more than one team per competition a team is two people in some sports. The United States has hosted four Summer Olympic Games, more than any other nation, the United Kingdom hosted the 2012 Olympic Games, its third Summer Olympic Games, in its capital London, making London the first city to host the Summer Olympic Games three times. Australia, France, Germany, Greece, and Japan have all hosted the Summer Olympic Games twice. Other countries that have hosted the Summer Olympics are Belgium, Brazil, China, Canada, Finland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, the Soviet Union, asia has hosted the Summer Olympics three times and will host again in 2020. In 2016, Rio de Janeiro hosted the first Summer Olympics in South America, three cities have hosted two Summer Olympic Games, Los Angeles, Paris, and Athens. Stockholm has hosted events at two Summer Olympic Games, having hosted the games in 1912 and the events at the 1956 Summer Olympics—which they are usually listed as jointly hosting


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51 ЛАСИЦКЕНЕ Мария Александровна Легкая атлетика 22.08.2018
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96 АНОШКИНЕгор Прыжки на лыжах с трамплина 20.08.2018
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99 БУЛАВСКИЙГеоргий Семенович Плавание 20.08.2018
100 АБРАМОВВалерий Александрович Легкая атлетика 20.08.2018


Мария Калмыкова. Радио

Авангард мирового духа

Молния войны лизнула человечество своим языком — и оно зашевелилось. Вздувшаяся Россия сбросила свою старую скорлупу, железная Германия переменила свою маску и вся Европа подернулась новой гримасой. Фейерверк революций прогулялся по лицу земли и на горизонте мира брызнули протуберанцы новых зорь. Новый уклад человеческой жизни раскидался капризным узором в воображении и ждет своих мастеров. Но авангард мирового духа — поэты. Бесконечно упорная армия безумцев неудержимо таранит цитадель неизвестного и разрывает дорогу к Солнцу. Выброшенные культурой, они «ведут за узду человечество» и покорное животное молится своему Пророку. На грудах мировых событий возникает группа титанических поэтов. Как бы из огня и дыма выростает монументальная громада Маяковского, гремящего бурей воплей. Его поэма «Война и мир», как Горгона, распространяет свою власть и окаменяет головокружительными образами.

Дыхание гения охватывает железным ураганом и уносит в лабиринт величайших настроений:

«Дымами и боями охмеленная земля», «подвешенная люстрой в небо зажженная Европа», разгул «быкомордой и массомясой оравы».

«Нет, не стихами!

Лучше язык узлом завяжу

Чем разговаривать!»

Возмущенный ураганом безрассудных смертей он, задыхаясь, хрипит:

«Вытеку срубленный, но кровью выем

Имя „убийца“, выклейменное на человеке!»

«Война! довольно! уйми ты их!

Уже на земле голо!»

«Каждый ненужный даже,

Должен жить.

Нельзя ж его

В могилы траншей и блиндажей

Вкопать заживо!»

Фигляр и кривляка в жизни, он выступает, как величайший гуманист и воплощает в себе преступное человечество:

«Каюсь: я один виноват.

В растущем хрусте ломаемых жизней.

В христиан зубов резцы вонзая,

Львы вздымали рык.

Вы думаете — Нерон, это Я Маяковский,

Пьяным глазом обволакивал цирк».

«Люди! дорогие! Простите меня!

Всех окаяннее, пока не расколется,

Буду лоб разбивать в покаянии!»

И в огневорот мировых революций с грохотом падает последнее эхо:

«Земля еще подымет голову!»

«Там, за горами горя

Солнечный край непочатый!

За голод, за мора море

Шаг миллионный печатай!»

Но вот на дымных развалинах взорванной литературной Бастилии, на хаосе «великой маяковщины» вздымается титаническая фигура Вадима Баяна, выдыхающего океан громовых пророчеств. «Как некий Зверобог», он шагает «по трапециям млечных путей», «чтоб куда-нибудь выкрикнуть гранитные громы, чтоб лихорадились у времени пульсы, чтоб химерней вжирались вечности гольфштромы». Как грошевый апельсин, он сжимает гниющую землю, бросает ее в помойную яму вселенной и «по трупам веков в хороводы тысячелетий» тащит свое сердце, «большое, как Африка»:

«Под тяжелою поступью накренялась вселенная

От зубовного скрежета сыпались зодиаки».

Звериным жестом бросает железную перчатку в искаженное лицо мира и предрекает гибель старых материков:

«Из выстрела времен раздастся пьяный век.

Прыщами вздуются нарвавшие вулканы,

Закашляет земля, завоет человек —

И гниль материков проглотят океаны».

Богатырской рукой он разрывает туман тысячелетий и огнедышащими глазами устремляется за миллион веков. За гранями времен, где кончается микроскопическое человечество, чудится ему восход торжествующего Собачества, вереница тончайших культур и железный полет землекрушений:

«Подохнут микросы под млечным колесом.

Плевками высохнут гнилые океаны.

Лишь солнце бледное, с затасканным лицом

В мирах останется лизать земные раны

Придет Собачество вспахать свои поля

На пепелище зла и микро-человеков

И сдохнет солнышко, и черная земля

Опустит надолго тоскующие веки».

Непривычному сердцу жутко врываться в глубину веков, но пришел Коллективный Пророк, мощным ударом растворил «ворота вечности», двинул землю гранитной пятой, и мир, оперенный огнями революций, с грохотом покатился в уклон голубых фейерверков. В океанах великих возможностей задымились чудовищные корабли, простирающие «светопожарные вымпелы» в царство Счастья и «голубых солнц».

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